Best Wedding Gown Silhouettes For Your Body Type

Wedding dress shopping can be a stressful process, especially when you are not sure what dress silhouette works for your body type! This is where your bridal consultant will be key in steering you in the right direction and helping you not only find a gorgeous dress, but one that fits perfectly for your shape. Below we go through 4 of the most popular body shapes and talk a little about what the perfect wedding dress silhouette is for each one.


here is a stigma that busty women should not wear strapless dresses, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The key is in the dress structure, undergarments and alterations. Wearing a dress with boning as well as a corset bra, will help keep the girls in place and make you feel secure. Make sure to discuss with your tailor should you feel you need any additional support as they will be able to help with this.


April is wearing “Marissa” by Mori Lee.



Being tall and lean is a plus when choosing a wedding dress, as floor length gowns are made with your stature in mind. However is you want to create the illusion of some curves we have some tips. Choose an a-line dress as the volume will be a stand in for hips. Go for a cinched in waist  and a plunging neckline to draw the eye inward, and finally don’t forget to show off those toned arms you have worked hard for.


Ragon is wearing “Pearl” from the Beloved Collection by Casablanca 



The key for petite girls is to avoid silhouettes that will overwhelm your small stature and to many details. A minimalist sheath is perfect for you as its continuous lines give the illusion of height. If you want to add beading, keep it to the upper half of the body, to ensure that the weight of the dress doesn’t drag you down.

Kasey in wearing “Gloria” from the Amare Couture Collection by Casablanca 


We love celebrating a woman’s curves, this is why we love when curvier girls go for a fitted silhouette. The key is in the details and structure. Details such as boning and corseting will help cinch you in at the waist, and helping to create an hour glass figure. Also consider some elements of ruching as this will help make you slimmer.


Paige is wearing Style #3205 from the Julietta Collection by Mori Lee

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